Considerations When Hiring A Wedding DJ

Posted on: 12 April 2017

A well-choreographed wedding is a joy to see and a pleasure to attend. As a future bride and/or groom, you will work closely with your wedding planner and wedding DJ to schedule a timeline of events that you wish to include during your wedding. These events can include your entrance march, your marriage ceremony, the cutting of the wedding cake, your first dance as a bride and groom, a father-daughter dance, a mother-son dance, champagne toasts, custom entertainment by wedding guests, your last dance at the reception, and your departure to go on your honeymoon.
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Are Music Lessons Right For Your Child?

Posted on: 7 April 2017

Enrolling your child in music lessons requires a major commitment from both of you. Unfortunately, some parents feel it is too much to take on and miss out on the opportunity. If you are on the fence about letting your child take music lessons, here are just a few benefits that you should consider.   Music Lessons Can Help With Academic Skills When your child begins to study music, there are several things that start to happen to his or her senses and cognitive reasoning.
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