Mixing Is The Key To Professional Sound Quality For Your Music

Posted on: 29 August 2017

Producing music can be an expensive business, and if you are just getting started out, you might not be sure which expenses are necessary and which ones aren't. One of the key things to spend your production dollars on is sound mixing. Here's why:

What Does Sound Mixing Cover?

Sound mixing covers the integration of various musical tracks into one final product. For instance, you might have several takes of a track that needs to be mixed into a complete play-through of the song. In addition, sound mixing will involve some editing to make the tracks coherent. For example, different volume levels between snippets can be corrected.

Who Does Sound Mixing?

You have a few options for sound mixing. You could purchase an editing software and learn to mix the sound yourself on your computer. That's going to take a lot of time. If you want to do some mixing in real time, you could buy or rent a sound mixer system. A sound mixer can also refer to a specialist who you send your raw tracks to, and they deliver you a mixed version of the track. These professionals often charge a flat rate per track, and you should be able to get your album mixed for around a thousand dollars. 

Why Does Sound Mixing Matter?

Sound mixing is so important because it can correct a lot of mistakes that are made during amateur sound recording. You may be able to soften pops in your vocals or tune up an instrument that was a little off pitch. Another thing to consider is that people expect music to be of a certain sound quality. People may not give your album the time of day, even if you are a gifted musician and writer if the track starts out with a fuzzy hum in the background. 

What Else Should I Consider When Producing an Album?

Of course, sound mixing won't be your only expense. Another thing to spend quality production dollars on is your album cover. It's what will attract people to your album in the first place when they find it on their favorite music sharing service or music buying platform. Many people spend time carefully creating photos, a website, and marketing their products, and these are all great options as well. But as far as sound quality goes, you can't do better than spending money on a quality sound mixer. 

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