Reasons To Take Guitar Lessons As An Adult

Posted on: 26 July 2022

Many adults assume that they can't learn new things, such as how to play an instrument. Most musicians develop their skills at a young age and hone them over decades. After a certain age, the process of learning how to jam out on the guitar with skill seems virtually impossible. While you may not learn to match Hendrix's innate skills, you can still learn a rocking new talent that comes with some little-known side benefits. Convince yourself to learn the guitar with these four reasons to take guitar lessons as an adult.

Cognitive Stimulation

As people get older, the brain slowly loses connections. Create cognitive stimulation by learning how to play the guitar. Learning the guitar forces students to read music, develop hand-eye coordination/rhythm, and perform multiple simultaneous tasks quickly. Many studies even suggest that learning how to play the guitar can improve memory, too.

Positive Effects on Mental Health

After accomplishing a task, the reward center of the brain releases neurotransmitters that produce a positive feeling. After learning a new skill on the guitar or perfecting a new song, players experience a dopamine influx that not only improves their mood but also increases self-esteem. Some students even see a positive impact the new self-esteem has on both professional and personal relationships.

Playing guitar can also reduce stress in people with anxiety and depression. Sessions become personal time away from the pressures outside of the music class.

Surround Yourself With Music

Some people were born to rock, but they didn't learn in middle school or high school. The passion matches young guitar enthusiasts, and they get the same joy out of a guitar solo, whether they can play it or not. 

Many rockers want to play guitar out of a love for music. They want to talk about music and learn more about the instrument favored by numerous famous musicians. They want to learn how to play classic hits they listened to as a kid and learn new songs from the new generation. 

When passion runs that deep, you can't stop the person from rocking. They will rock whether they take guitar lessons or not. The point is less on learning advanced skills that take ten years to master and more on doing what they love.

You deserve to learn guitar. With just a couple of lessons a week, you can develop your skill to the point you don't feel embarrassed to play around others, whatever their age.