What Should You Look For In A Violin Teacher?

Posted on: 3 December 2021

If you have decided that you would like to learn to play the violin, your next challenge will likely be trying to find a qualified teacher. There are many teachers out there willing to offer violin lessons, though every teacher will come with their own skills and teaching style. In order to find the violin teacher that will be best suited to your needs, here are a few tips on how to discern a qualified teacher from just your run-of-the-mill violin player. 


While some instructors feel comfortable giving lessons with the experience that they have acquired over the years, advanced violin instructors will either have a degree in violin performing arts or music education. A degree is not absolutely necessary for someone to be a great teacher, but it will tell you that they are qualified to instruct you in advanced violin techniques. Hiring an instructor that has received higher education in the violin is a good idea for people who already have an intermediate knowledge of how to play and are looking for continued lessons. 


Individuals who do not have a degree in music can still be great violin teachers depending on how much experience they have with playing and teaching. Many college and high school students practice their own skills by helping younger kids to learn the things that they have been taught. Hiring a younger teacher can be helpful because they may connect better with younger students, and they will likely be much cheaper than a more advanced teacher. 


No matter how much experience or education an instructor has had, sometimes finding a good instructor comes down to their personality. It is essential that you find an instructor that can connect with you as a student and inspire you to want more from yourself. A good instructor will help you to believe in yourself and your ability to learn and progress, no matter what challenges you face. 

In conclusion, while there are many teachers out there who are willing to give violin lessons, you should be able to use the tips in this list to find the perfect teacher for you. Once you have found someone who you think will be a good fit for you, make sure to give them an adequate amount of time to teach you before you decide to change. Most students need several lessons with an instructor before they begin to show any real progress. Don't limit your growth by quitting too soon.