At-Home Family Dance Party To Beat The Quarantine Blues

Posted on: 15 May 2020

It's one of the things everybody in the world, it seems like, is dealing with right now. What to do with everybody stuck at home all the time? Probably everybody is spending a lot of time on devices. Phones, tablets, computers, and televisions. That's fine, even normal, for what counts as 'normal' right now. And everybody needs some quiet time, especially kids.

Kids also need a place for all their energy to go, and it's a lot harder to find outlets for it when they can't play with friends or even, in some places, outside at all. Those of you who are lucky enough to be able to take your kids out right now, you're likely counting all your blessings for it. 

If you need the kids to get their wiggles out, you can try doing a dance party at home.

It sounds cheesy, and maybe older kids will think it's cheesy, but cheesy can be fun. Get some family-friendly music, some upbeat stuff (harder to get rid of that excess energy with slow music), and get everybody to move their bodies for a while. It can help wear the kids out so they're not getting on your nerves or crawling up the walls or fighting with their siblings (any more than usual, anyway, some sibling in-fighting is more or less inevitable). 

You can even switch it up by trading out who gets to 'DJ' for the party. That way everyone gets a turn sharing their favorite dance music with the whole family. Also, everybody can get a little exercise, which is just good for everybody in general, and the kids can vent some of their excess energy. 

Make sure that you're conscientious of neighbors if you live in an apartment, but if you can, let the kids be as loud as they like. Screaming and yelling and jumping and all- the kinds of things they normally wouldn't get to do inside. You can even learn some dance styles and teach everybody new ways to dance to music. The kids probably can teach you some dance moves, too, though they are absolutely going to tease you about how dorky you look when you do them. (Kids never seem to think their parents are cool when they're young, but they get over that.)

If you want to give it an educational bent, you can even talk about the history of music behind the songs you're listening to and dancing to. Music history is really fascinating stuff! Buy upbeat family music albums to beat the quartine blues. You'll be glad you did!