The Dos And Don'ts Of Hiring Musical Entertainment For Your Conference

Posted on: 26 February 2020

A business conference is often an event where like-minded professionals can make big steps in their career development. In order to help the attendees stay motivated, it helps to have breaks and opportunities where they can unwind and have fun with their peers. Consider these dos and don'ts when you are planning the musical entertainment for your conference. 

Do Look at Reviews and Ask for References 

When you are first looking at your options for corporate entertainment, look beyond the polished websites of musical acts. Look online for reviews to see what other companies have to say about their experience with the band. Also, it's okay to contact the band directly to ask for references from past customers.

Don't Make the Decision Based on Bands You Like

Although it can be tempting to simply choose a band you enjoy that you can trust to give a great performance, that's not all you need for optimal conference entertainment. Instead, when assessing which corporate entertainment works best, think about the people who will be coming to the conference. Consider their age, interests, expectations, and musical preferences. 

If you are unsure of what the attendees may want, it's okay to ask. You may even include an optional question or two about entertainment preferences for the conference among the registration paperwork. That way, people who want to share their input can, yet attendees can also opt to keep their preferences to themselves.

Do Communicate Any Special Requests Before the Performance 

Many event bands are more than happy to take special requests. In fact, they may sometimes plan an entire show based on specific requests from a company. However, last-minute requests can cause problems for the band and result in a less-than-stellar performance. Instead, decide what you want months before the event and communicate any special requests at that time. 

Don't Break Your Budget on Entertainment

You should set aside a healthy fee for the musical acts at your conference. However, you don't need to skimp on other areas of the conference just to be able to afford a top band. Focus on choosing a band you want, and then take reasonable steps to get the best deal. One way is to book the band as early as possible. Many musical acts offer lower rates for early bookings.

Also, you may want to start by looking at local bands. Since most conferences take place in fairly large areas, you probably have a great local talent pool to choose from. Before you consider flying in bands from bigger cities, consider hiring local corporate bands for the event.

Looking for musical entertainment for hire doesn't have to be complicated, but it is an important part of ensuring the guests have great memories of their down time at the conference. When hiring the entertainment for your conference, do your homework and then trust yourself to make the right decisions. A company like Song Blast can help.