Considerations When Hiring A Wedding DJ

Posted on: 12 April 2017

A well-choreographed wedding is a joy to see and a pleasure to attend. As a future bride and/or groom, you will work closely with your wedding planner and wedding DJ to schedule a timeline of events that you wish to include during your wedding. These events can include your entrance march, your marriage ceremony, the cutting of the wedding cake, your first dance as a bride and groom, a father-daughter dance, a mother-son dance, champagne toasts, custom entertainment by wedding guests, your last dance at the reception, and your departure to go on your honeymoon. As a future bride or groom, consider hiring a wedding DJ with the following capabilities:

Sound Setup:  Choose a wedding DJ that can setup all of the musical equipment and speakers for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Work with your DJ to research how many speakers you will need for the room where you will host your reception. Your DJ can then work with the management of the facility to place the speakers where they can be heard by everyone and yet not too loud for guests who sit near them. 

Interaction With Wedding Guests:  A good wedding DJ like Musically Yours will guide the mood and atmosphere during the wedding reception, interact with the families and guests, respond to their music requests, and anticipate what music will be needed next. The music chosen by the DJ can begin with soft music that will reflect the solemnity of the wedding ceremony and build to include dance tunes, karaoke, and special singing performances. 

Dancing, Singing, or Musical Performances:  Live music, singing, and dance performances can energize a wedding reception and get even the most sedate guests to participate in activities. Choose a wedding DJ that can contribute to the wedding entertainment by playing a musical instrument, singing songs, or performing a demonstration dance. 

Special Music:  Look for a wedding DJ that will customize your wedding music to include special music that is meaningful to you and your family. Give your DJ a list of the music you wish to include and the artist who performed the music so that he or she can obtain the musical renditions that closely match the style of those recordings. A DJ may even be able to get instrumental versions of some of your requested songs so that he or she can sing the lyrics live during the reception. Ask your potential wedding DJ to look at a list of music that you would like him or her to play, and then ask for suggestions of additional music that can be added. A good DJ can also find music from different generations to appeal to older and younger members of your family. 

Your wedding day will be an occasion that you will remember for the rest of your life. Choose a good DJ that understands your musical tastes and can provide the exact music and entertainment that you want. With a bit of research and planning, you can have a beautiful wedding that you and your family will remember forever.